Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q : What is Faculty of Communication & Media Studies all about?

A : The Faculty has been recognised as one of the pioneers  mass communication school in Malaysia in providing education and research in the fields of Public Relations, Broadcasting, Advertising, Publishing and Journalism since 1972. Since then, the Faculty has established its own history and an excellent path in producing competitive graduates to cater the demand of the market. We believe in our motto that is "Passionately Different".

Q : Where is the Faculty located?

A : The Faculty is located at UiTM Main Campus, Faculty of Communication & Media Studies, 40450 Shah Alam Selangor. (view map).

Q : What the Faculty can offer me?

A : Please refer to our Academic Programmes list on our website.

Q : What are the entry requirements?
A : Please refer to programme menu for each programme.

Q : Do you offer Diploma Programme at the main campus?

A : No. Diploma programmes are offered only at the branch campus in Lendu, Melaka (MC110 and MC111) and Rembau, Negeri Sembilan for MC110. The main campus only offers Degree and Postgraduate programmes.

Q : Can I know the career opportunities?

A : Graduates will get a good demand in any media organizations, communications sector, PR firms, corporate entities, government sectors and others.

Q : I am thinking of doing some Postgraduate study – who can I talk to for advice?
A : Please contact the Postgraduate Officer-In-Charge :

Head of the Centre for Postgraduate Studies : Dr. Zulkifli Abd Latiff
Postgraduate Coordinator Centre for Media and Information Warfare Studies (CMIWS) : Shahnon B. Mohamed Salleh
Postgraduate Coordinator Centre for Faculty of Communication and Media Studies : Arzmi Abu Bakar.

or e-mail to shahnon[at]salam[dot]uitm[dot]edu[dot]my  (Encik Shahon B. Mohamed Salleh) / arzmi5514[at]salam[dot]uitm[dot]edu[dot]my (Encik Arzmi Abu Bakar)

Q : Do you offer any courses via e-pjj?
A : Yes. Please refer to iNED website -

Q : What are the specialisation area do you offer for Bachelor programmes?
A : We offer 8 main areas:

a.  MC241 - Bach. of Mass Comm. (Hons) (Journalism)
b.  MC242 - Bach. of Mass Comm. (Hons) (Public Relations)
c.  MC243 - Bach. of Mass Comm. (Hons) (Broadcasting)
d.  MC244 - Bach. of Mass Comm. (Hons) (Advertising)
e.  MC245 - Bach. of Mass Comm. (Hons) (Publishing)
f.  MC246 - Bach. of Mass Comm. (Hons) (Instructional Comm & Training)
g.  MC247 - Bach. of Mass Comm. (Hons) (Interpersonal Communication)
h.  MC248 - Bach. of Mass Comm. (Hons) (Comm Management & Policy)
i.  MC249 - Bach. of Mass Comm (Hons) (New Media Communication)

Q : I am a foreign student – can I study at this Faculty?
A : Yes. We  offering Undergraduate and Postgraduate studies to foreign student. Please refer to UiTM Office of International Affairs -

Q : Do you provide hostels for students? What are the requirements?
A : Yes. We do have hostels for students. Please refer to Student Affairs Division - for the requirements.


updated as 23rd November 2017.