This program is designed to produce professional communication graduates who can :

Plan and manage an organization effectively, think and act strategically, coordinate communication functions.

Students are exposed to areas such as communication policy design and system, communication auditing, internal and external communication, international relations, quality communication assessment and crisis management.



  1. Principle of Communication Management
  2. Planning For Communication Professionals
  3. Organisational Communication
  4. Communication Policy Strategy
  5. Innovation of Communication Management
  6. Communication Audits
  7. Leadership Communication
  8. Internal Communication
  9. Communication and Negotiation
  10. Strategic Communication Management
  11. Knowledge Management for Communication Professionals
  12. Financial Communications


CMP 410

Principles of Communication Management

Course Description

This course will expose students to the field of communication management and focuses on skills and strategies that manage the needs in today’s workplace. The course gives a basic guideline for students on skills and strategies necessary for successful and effective communication in organization. Students will be exposed to the role of communication in organizations, managerial writing strategies and also interpersonal communication strategies in organization to make sure they have a strong foundation to pursue their studies and careers in communication management.


CMP 532

Planning For Communication Professional

Course Description

This course offers students an understanding of integrated communication planning in modern organizations. It acknowledges a trend towards a cross-functional approach to planning, which integrates public relations, integrated marketing communications and persuasive strategies. The stages of a project’s cycle will be examined; from diagnosis, through execution to monitoring and evaluation. The course will rely on extensive readings and analysis of concrete examples of communication planning in the real organization. The students will be exposed to an analysis of the relationship between corporate, business, and communication planning. To better prepare the students, this course explores integrated planning process and explains how to write various kinds of communication planning, which include the psychology of audiences, source credibility, and persuasion theories.


CMP 533

Organizational Communication

Course Description

This course intends to expose students to the different faces of managements and types of communication process that organizations member do in order to achieve the objective set by the organization. The course targets to familiar students which strategies that organizations normally use to achieve desired goals, to enhance their image as well as to curb problem emerging from their communication ineffectiveness.


CMP 534

Communication Policy Strategy

Course Description

This course focuses on the fundamental theories, concept, and applications of communication strategies to meet a variety of organizational goals. Provides an overview of practise in communication management, learning, and design of communication policies. This course also describes how these elements can be combined to create seamless program that affect the publics of businesses and organizations; and how such programs increase organizational value and effectiveness. Students investigate issues that challenge contemporary organizations by analysing case studies and designing possible solutions from multiple perspectives.


CMP 541

Innovation of Communication Management

Course Description

Globalization of economy nowadays creates an aggressive competition which forces significant pressure to the organizations to become more innovative in their services or products. In relation with this phenomenon, this course is structured to equip students with the knowledge of innovation in organizations. By analyzing all aspects; the theoretical concepts and case studies from various industries (sectors/organizations), students are expected to relate and understand the important of innovation in organizations. Thus, not only does it prepare students to be flexible with the changes in the future workplace, but also lead the innovation journey for their organizations.


CMP 651

Communication Audits

Course Description

Effective communication is a key element for organizational success. The desired goal of this course is to equipped students with skill to conduct communication audits for organization. This course explores a study of systematic and comprehensive examination of an organization’s communication system which helps the organization to obtain feedback and information about the effectiveness of the organization’s practices. This course targets to achieve established and newly acquired communication tools and skills to the full continuum of organizational communications.


CMP 542

Leadership Communication

Course Description

The purpose of this course is to guide current and potential leaders in developing the communication capabilities needed to lead effectively.  It focuses on the relationship between communicating and leading, and leadership as a form of communication. Leaders need core communication skills in strategy, speaking and writing. Leaders also need to be able to communicate effectively with diverse audiences, manage global teams, create and communicate visions and also foster external relations. This subject will expose students to this situation and guide them to the important fundamental communication skills needed by all leaders.


CMP 551

Internal Communication

Course Description

This course is offered to communication management and policy students to equip them with through understanding of the functions of internal communication in organization. It will provide knowledge and skills on how employee communication programs could increase organizational value. Students will be exposed to framework for best practices in managing internal communication. Students will have opportunities to investigate issues that challenge internal communication by analyzing real case studies and designing possible solutions for the benefit of organization. It seeks to develop students’ ability to integrate skills and knowledge on putting media vehicles strategically for communication purpose in the organization. In addition, students should enhance their communication skills, both written and oral, through a thorough understanding of the strategies and techniques applied in managing employees. This course will compliment student’s knowledge on basic human resource management towards providing a competent internal communication executive in the work place.


CMP 552

Communication and Negotiation

Course Description

Communication and negotiation is one of the most important functions of management in any organization. This course intends to introduce students the different negotiation concepts, skills and communication strategies that can be practised in both the business and social contexts. The course also targets to familiarise and prepare students on both the oral and written aspects of negotiation which includes persuasive communication, integrative and distributive bargaining, intercultural negotiation as well as managing difficult negotiation.


CMP 643

Strategic Communication Management

Course Description

This course intends to expose students on the strategic management of communication foundations in private corporations, NGOs and government organizations. It focuses on all vital elements in composing the effective communication strategies to achieve organizational goals. Students will also be taught on how organisations sustain their competitive advantage, remain relevant and overcome obstacles via the roles of communication strategists.


CMP 652

Knowledge Management for Communication Professionals

Course Description

This course provides a thorough coverage of the latest theory and practice of Knowledge Management with an integrated inter-disciplinary presentation that makes sense of the confusing wide variety of industry perspectives arising simultaneously from artificial intelligence, information systems, and organizational behavior. Critically evaluates the nature, computer representation, access and utilization of knowledge versus information within a human context. Essential preparation for managerial, technical and communication professionals alike in today’s modern knowledge-based economy.


CMP 654

Financial Communications

Course Description

This course will expose students to the field of financial communication management and focuses on skills and strategies that manage the need in today’s workplace. The course gives a basic guideline for students on skills and strategies necessary for successful and effective financial communication in organizations, managing internal and external stakeholders including financial writing strategies and also interpersonal communication strategies.


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